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My freelancing journey started before I even knew what freelancing was.

This t-shirt.

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Start your freelancing journey today.

By the time you finish this book, you'll have the tools you need to form your business, find your first freelance client, know how to navigate the project from contract to completion, and provide you with a plan of action to navigate the hurdles you will likely encounter along the way.

Being my own boss isn’t always easy, but it’s the most rewarding decision I’ve made. I want you to feel empowered to start your own business – whether your goal is to earn extra income on the side, begin working for yourself full-time, or just learn a little more about the world of freelancing, I hope you find value in this book.

What will you learn?

Starting your freelance journey

Why freelance?

Choosing your business name

Finding your niche

Establishing your rates

Finding your first client

The freelance lifestyle

Navigating the project

Creating a questionnaire

Beginning discussions with the lead

Preparing a proposal

Receiving your first payment

The project management process

Closing out a project

Scaling your freelance business

How to handle difficult client situations

Navigating scope creep

Subcontracting work

Partnering with other freelancers

Increasing your rates

Hiring an employee

Kelly is my hero. She’s a savvy business woman, a walking encyclopedia about freelancing, and a very to-the-point writer. Start Freelancing Today is full of big picture guides and nuggets of information that will be invaluable for anyone starting to freelance. I have been doing more contract work recently, and will immediately implement multiple suggestions that she laid out in this book.

Ali Spittel - Developer Advocacy

I've often been asked for advice for how to get into freelancing, and if asked now I'll just point them to this book! Kelly combines her experience with the sort of tone you'd expect from a good friend and mentor, making you feel there are no "dumb" questions. Even as someone who has been freelancing for a few years, I found myself reading it thinking through things I do myself in comparison and finding ways I could tweak my current processes with how I typically engage and follow through on a project.

Freelancing is a career option with so many questions and hurdles to overcome, and Start Freelancing Today is a clear, concise, and honest guide that will soon be the beginner's best friend.

Shannon McFarlane - Social Media Strategist

Despite 15 years in the freelance world, I still found Start Freelancing Today to lend me new thoughts and insight that I had never found on my own. Kelly does an exceptional job of concisely breaking down the complexities of the freelance world in ways I wish I had been taught when I started. Kelly will not waste your time, but packs a punch into each line with valuable information and defined steps for your road ahead.

I highly recommend this to freelancers new to the game, and to those of us who have been around the block.

Jamie Mellars - Creative Technologist, Live Events

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an eBook or a physical book? +

This is an eBook. You'll receive a .zip file containing PDF, ePub, and MOBI versions.

What will I learn from this book? +

Whether you're brand new to freelancing or you've been freelancing for a little while and are wanting to scale your business, there's something in this book for you.

For those brand new to freelancing, you'll learn the basics of setting up your business, establishing your rates, finding your first client, and how to conduct the project from start to finish.

If you're a more seasoned freelancer, you'll learn how to optimize your business, manage cash flow, and grow your revenue through means of collaboration, subcontracting, and passive income opportunities for freelancers.

This isn't a full list of topics, so expect even more greatness than just what's listed above!

Is this book only for freelance web developers? +

Not at all! While I based my freelance career around web development, the topics discussed in this book can be applied to any freelance career, whether you decide to focus on building websites or apps, being a virtual assistant, copywriting, or being a magician.

Is the content specific to freelancing in the US? +

Nope! I'm keeping the content as general as possible so you'll learn what you need to do regardless of where you're located. There are cultural and regional differences especially in terms of handling contracts and pricing, but I walk you through how to navigate this based on your own location.

When will I receive the eBook? +

You'll receive it (almost) immediately upon purchase - check your email once you place your order!

What format is the eBook in? +

The eBook is delivered in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats.

What if my question wasn't answered here? +

Send me an email! I'd love to hear from you.